Kitesurf Lisbon: 5 spots within 1 hour of Lisbon

Kitesurf Lisbon: 5 spots within 1 hour of Lisbon

Kitesurfing spots around Lisbon, we detail 5 kitesurf spots within 1 hour of Lisbon with options for getting there from the Portuguese capital and renting gear. 🤙🏻

Lisbon is the preferred destination for people who want to get closer to the ocean while keeping the advantages the urban life can bring. 🌊🌼

So if you’re a boardsports lover 🏄🏻‍♂️, if you’re a new Lisboèta, a kitesurfer passing through the capital city or if you’ve set up home for a while in Lisbon and you’re looking for kitesurf spots near Lisbon, this article was made for you!

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When can I kite in Portugal?

The best time to kite in Portugal is from April to October.

However, it is possible to kite all year round in Portugal, but from April to October you’ll benefit from milder water temperatures and more windy days.

Spot of Guincho is 30 min in the north of Lisbon 

Features: waves spot for experienced riders. The conditions may be difficult in Guincho (rocks, big swell..) but if you’re a wave lover this spot is really worth the journey.

🚏 Going to Guincho :

By car or with Uber, count on 30 min to 1h drive depending on traffic.

Via public transportation: get on a train headed for Cascais in «  Cais do Sodré » then get off in Cascais, take the bus (M15 or M05) and get off at Praia Do Guincho stop. Count on 1h15 ride for this option. 

guincho kitesurfing spot around lisbon

Óbidos lagoon is 1 hour in the north of Lisbon 

Features: flat and shallow water, this spot is perfect to begin kitesurfing, progress and improve or learn new tricks. Obviously, it’s also a very good spot for flat lovers.

Please note, in the lagoon, there are 2 main spots. At the top of the lagoon (closer to the ocean) and inside the lagoon. The top of the lagoon is closed from June 15 to September 15 for kitesurfers, but the spot inside the lagoon can still be used all the year.

🚏 Going to the lagoon of Óbidos:

• If you don’t have any car you can opt for the renting option for a day or a week-end, an opportunity to come and visit our beautiful region of Óbidos / Baleal / Peniche

• By bus, with the Rede expressos company from Lisbon (📍Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado – Rua das Laranjeiras 1500-543 Lisboa.)  to Peniche (1½ bus ride) or Caldas da Rainha (1h10 bus ride) and book a taxi transfer to come to the lagoon.

The bay from Baleal to Peniche – 1 hour in the north of Lisbon

Features: along the bay, there are several waves spots, navigable according to the direction of the wind. The spots work by Northern and Southern wind. On these spots you’ll have to share the waves with surfers.

🚏 Going to Peniche / Baleal:

Same options, by car or bus with the Rede expressos company from Lisbon, arrival at the bus station of Peniche. 

Once in Peniche, to go to Baleal or to move within Peniche you can take the city bus but you have to be careful, it doesn’t always run. Check before planning your trip.

You can also rent a scooter for the day.

best kite spots around lisbon

Fonte da Telha – the kitesurfing spot on Costa Caparica – 30 min drive south of Lisbon

Features: small waves spot that suits any level.

🚏 Going to Fonte da Telha:

• By car, with Uber or a taxi.

• To go there with public transportation: take the train Fertagus and get off at the train station of Pragal. Then get on the bus in East Pragal (Avª Torrado Silva) and get off in Fonte da Telha.

best kitesurfing spot in portugal

Lagoon of Albufeira – Less than 1 hour in the south of Lisbon

Features: calm and shallow water, this lagoon mainly ‘works’ at half and high tide. However it is possible to ride at low tide on the East part of the lagoon, located next to Meira Pro Center school. Careful! This spot isn’t navigable during Summer due to a lack of water.

To go to the lagoon of Albufeira it is difficult to use public transportation. Take a taxi, a car or even a carshare your first choice.

Albufeira, kitesurfing spot near lisbon

Less than 1½ hour around Lisbon you have the choice between a lot of spots offering different conditions and being suited to any level or profile. If you’re keen on waves, flat, foil … you have enough to enjoy yourself on water!

Find other spots in Portugal further north and south of the country. A great opportunity to plan a getaway for a weekend outside the capital city and discover the other beautiful regions of Portugal. 🥰

See you soon for a kitesurf session near Lisbon,
Léa & Marco ✌🏻