Bem-vindo a Portugal!

– Kitespot Obidos lagoon, the perfect spot to start and progress –

Wanna learn kitesurf and become an independent Kitesurfer? We’re here to guide you!

We teach kitesurf on the lagoon of Óbidos in Portugal, the perfect kitespot to learn.

This Portuguese kite spot with its flat and shallow water (which means you won’t have to worry about waves and water depth) offers the best conditions for a quick & safe learning.

If you have doubts about your ability to learn kitesurf, this article is made for you! We tell you everything about kitesurf.

Are you already a kitesurfer and looking to improve your skills? Discover our Coaching+ program.

Our two learning options

Semi-private lessons

Because together is always better!

1 instructor & 1 kite for 2 students

40 From
  • 1 hour: 40€
  • 3h: 110€
  • 6h: 210€
  • 9h: 300€
  • 12h: 380€
  • 15h: 450€

Ideal option to learn kitesurf with a partner or a friend. In turn, you take control of the kite. Lessons in pair enable to learn by doing and observing. Feedbacks and exercises given by your instructor are personalized for each of you depending on your evolution.

Private lessons

The fastest way to become independent

1 instructor & 1 kite all to yourself

60 From
  • 1 hour: 60€
  • 2h: 120€
  • 6h: 350€
  • 9h: 510€
  • 12h: 660€

Perfect option if you want to learn quickly and become an independent rider. With your instructor, learn step by step how to handle a kite, how to use the board and how to ride until you’re completely autonomous (& have a good trip!)

What is included in the price?

• All equipment: we use brand-new 2023 gear.

• We have a radio system and a boat for safe learning and more efficient courses.

• A teaching method adapted to each student, you’ll learn with patient, caring, passionate and qualified instructors.

• We’re a small team, so we take good care of each and every one of our students, and we’ll give you lots of tips, advice, good addresses, good places… Because it’s not just about kitesurfing 😜)

- How do I choose the best option? -

Semi-private or private lessons?

If you want to become an independent kitesurfer as quickly as possible, or if you have a short time to learn, private lessons seem to be the best option for you.

However, if you have more time to learn kitesurf and you want to share an experience with your partner or a friend, semi-private lessons are a good alternative.

How many hours do I take?

I’m a beginner without experience in board sports. The 12 hours program is made for you in order to start being able to get your first rides. But before that, you’ll have to learn how to fly the kite and use the board.

I’m a beginner with an experience in board sports (wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, etc.) If you’re looking for your first riding feelings in kitesurf, you can head for the 9h pack. If you want to go further you can switch with the 12 hours program.

I already have an experience in kitesurfing. Depending on what you’re looking for, we advise you to take 2h to 6 hours option. You’ve already taken lessons but you don’t know yet how to ride upwind, you can first take 1 lesson of 2h then, if necessary, switch to the 6 hours pack.

I’m independent and looking to improve my skills (jumps, strapless, tricks, etc.) Our Coaching+ program is for you.

Please note it’s for information purposes only. Based on our own kitesurfing experience. Each person is different and no one learns the same way. Everyone progresses at a different pace.

You can first choose an option and change your way of learning according to your progression.