things to do around Peniche

11 things to do around Peniche

Discover 11 things to do around Peniche.

Passing through Peniche, or booking your next holiday in Portugal? You are in the right place! 👌🏻 We have concocted a sum up of activities, best addresses, tips and things not to be missed in around Peniche!

On your notes, embark with us for a worthy holiday in Portugal. 🌊☀️

Table of contents

1. Surfing

Here you are in surfing country, so it’s impossible not to put on a wetsuit and get in the water. 🏄🏻‍♀️

You will find spots for both beginners and experienced. For you to have fun in the waves you can rent surfboards and bodyboards on every street corners!

Some spots: Lagide, Praia do Baleal, Meio da baía, Supertubos, Consolação, Almagreira

If you want to take lessons, we recommend without hesitation the lessons with Audrey and Luís from Happy Days Surf Peniche big smile guaranteed at the end of your session. 😁

peniche surf lessons

2. Kitesurfing

After surfing it why not fly over it? 😎

Baleal and Óbidos is also a Kitesurfing region ! If you’ve never heard about Kitesurf 🤔 and if this word is completely unknown to you, we will explain everything to you 👉🏻 All about kitesurfing

For the more experienced heading to the ocean, and for beginners, good news, to Óbidos there is a shallow and calm water lagoon, without the waves of the ocean, in other words, the ideal place to learn and progress in complete safety! 👌🏻

3. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

Go for a day or half day on the Óbidos lagoon. For another experience more unique you can rent a SUP for the sunrise (bring a thermos of coffee 😴) or the sunset! 

For budding young tightrope walkers, it is also possible to do SUP yoga 🤹🏼‍♀️

Contact Rachel for any rental request:

WhatsApp : +351 912 701 573

4. Explore the Óbidos lagoon

We continue our tour of the best things to do around Peniche with the amazing Obidos lagoon!

Plan a picnic and discover wildlife and also the flora of the lagoon. Little tips: go and admire the Flamingos at sunset.

GPS pin-point 📍

Rachel also offers Mountain bikes for rent.

WhatsApp : +351 912 701 573

5. Take a yoga class

After all these sports activities, your body will need to relax. Relax yourself during a yoga class. 🧘‍♀️

For lessons on the Baleal side, contact Joy 

WhatsApp : +351 925 009 546 

6. Visit the medieval village of Óbidos

Small flowered pedestrian streets 🌺, the castle, the Sainte Marie church, white, blue and yellow houses. Óbidos is a charming village that is worth visiting.

You cannot leave Óbidos without tasting the well-known Ginjinha d’Óbidos. You find this cherry liqueur all over the village. Enjoy it in a small glass chocolate, a real delight!

📍 Addresses:
• Stock up on chocolates at Óbidos Chocolate House
• Taste Bombokas at the Fábrica das Bombokas
• Taste the traditional Pão com Chouriço at Capinha

Events in Obidos:
March/April: The International Chocolate Festival
July/August: The Medieval Festival, Mercado Medieval de Obidos.

7. Stock up on fruit and vegetables at the typical market of Caldas da Rainha

Every morning from 8 a.m to 1 p.m find local producers on Praça da Fruta, there is also stands offering organic products. 🍓🍒     

Our tips: take a tour of the Forno do Beco bakery (closed on Sundays) 🥐

& enjoy an amazing pizza at PANEÒLIO 🍕😍

8. Hang out in Baleal

Surf and relaxed atmosphere Baleal is the place to be for a chill day. 😌 

Start the day with a good coffee ☕️ at Washed Up, or at Padaria do Marquito, after a surf session get a brunch at Kalifood. Grab your book of the moment and your towel and enjoy a quiet moment (or a good nap 😴) on the beach of Pico da Mota. A shower and off we go for 1 hour of yoga. 🧘  End the day with a sunset and a caipi at the Surf ranch or the Tribo and go to dinner at Taberna do Ganhão. For the most motivated you can go dancing and enjoy a cocktail at The Base. 💃

Shopping idea: outlet Rip curl, 58 surf, Surfers Lab

Our favorite addresses ❤️ (in addition to those mentioned above):

Funky Donkey – Real Italian pizzas with a soft dough and desserts to  fall backwards🍕
Riclé Bar – Best burgers in town 🍔🍺
Java house – For gin & waffle lovers🍸🧇
Cartel 71 – For Mexican food & tequila lovers 🇲🇽
• Sabores & peripécias – Wine and tapas bar 🍷
Cantina de Ferrel Italian restaurant, the Coulis Tomate e Burrata 🥫😍
Sushi fish – Japanese food 🤤
Hown baleal – Good food, good vibes & good events 🎶🎸
• Backyard – Organic Market and local, breakfast and lunch every Saturday from 9 a.m to 2.30 p.m don’t miss !) 🥐🥙
• Hangfive – Concept Store, cafes and surfing ☕️ 🏄‍♂️ 
Bar #1 Peniche – A large selection of craft beers 🍺
• Toca do Texugo – Open only at noon for a typical Portuguese lunch 🐟🥔
• Sol é Vida – Open only at noon for a typical Portuguese lunch 🌊

9. Pamper yourself with a massage

Yes, because it’s the vacations after all 😌

Take some time just for you, let’s unplug your phone and your head, and let’s go for a moment of 100% relaxation.

Make an appointment with Lea 💆🏻

10. Discover Nazaré

Known for the biggest waves in the world 🌊, Nazaré is a city worth visiting.

To admire the spectacle offered by the ocean, you will have to go to Nazaré towards the end of the year. Aside from these giant waves, Nazaré is a city to discover at least for a day.

• Stroll and have lunch on the main avenue which runs along the large beach of Nazaré, pass in front of the famous fish drying racks. 🐠  An address that we liked: Tabernassa

• 🍩 For dessert, try the traditionnals Bolas de Berlim (filled donuts).

• Go to Miradouro do Suberco to admire Nazaré from above, and to Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo (Nazaré’s best-known point of view) ⚓️

• See the giant wave spot: Praia do Norte, located to the right of Fort São Miguel Arcanjo.

must to visit in portugal

11. Visit the Berlengas Islands

With its turquoise waters, fish and famous fort, the Berlengas Islands are a must in Portugal!

To get there: 40 minutes by boat ⛵️ with the boat company Viamar Berlengas from the Marina of Peniche

Our tip: take your mask and snorkel with you, as there are plenty of caves and fish 🤿

⭐️ Bonus: our must to do in Lisbon

Because there is so much to say about the Portuguese capital that we made an article entirely dedicated to Lisbon. 🌺☀️