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From 10 year old, a child can start kitesurfing. There is no specific age to start kitesurf, however the child must weigh more than 35 kg and know how to swim. This is why, generally children can start kitesurfing around 10 years old.
There is no official age limit to learn kitesurfing. The only conditions are knowing how to swim and weighing at least 35kg.
Yes, you can learn kitesurfing at 50 years old. Kitesurf is a very accessible sport. To kitesurf, you just need to know how to swim and be in good physical condition. The practice of kitesurf is not as physical as it looks. Kitesurf will mainly work your legs, your abs and not your arms.
To kitesurf you have to weigh at least 35kg and know how to swim. There is no need to be trained, or to have an extraordinary physical condition to do this sport. A normal physical condition is enough.

Kitesurf is not a difficult sport, but requires knowledge of a particular technique. It is not necessary to have an extraordinary physical condition to kitesurf. There is also no age limit. You will need to learn with professionals to navigate safely. After a few lessons, you will already be able to ride.

Kitesurfing requires to learn a particular technique (use of the kite and the board). That’s why it’s essential to learn with professionals in order to know well about the safety rules.

Being dependent of nature (wind & water) you also need to have basic knowledge in how analysing a spot (wind direction, tide, current…)  If you’re trained and you know kitesurf safety rules, this sport isn’t more dangerous than other outdoor sports.

Kitesurf is not recommended for people with heart or respiratory problems. Kitesurf is also not recommended for pregnant women.
Kitesurf is a boardsport that combines a kite and a board. It’s through to the power of the wind that you will be able to stand up and ride on the water. Kitesurfing is all about controlling the kite and sliding on the water.


Lagoon with its flat and shallow water, allows to learn kitesurfing in a simple and safe way.

If you’re a beginner in kitesurf, you will first have to learn how to fly the kite, safety rules, how to analyse a spot, how wind and tides work, how to set up the equipment.

Once you’re comfortable with the kite, you’ll be able to get the board and learn how to use it on the water as well as manage the kite.

Find out more about the program of kitesurf lessons.

Number of lessons depends on each person. Generally, if you’re a beginner without any experience in board sports, it takes at least 9 hours to get your first riding feelings on water.

To be considered an autonomous rider you have to know the kitesurfing safety rules as well as the international signs, be able to launch and land your kite in security. Know how to go upwind from both sides.

You can become independent after 9 or 12 hours or more, it will depend on the way you’ll progress.

If you want to become an independent kitesurfer as quickly as possible, or if you have a short time to learn, private lessons seem to be the best option for you.

However, if you have more time to learn kitesurf and you want to share an experience with your partner or one of your friend, semi-private lessons are a good alternative.

You will need a swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, a bottle of water. We’ll give you all the other things (wetsuit, kitesurf gear, helmet, shoes, life jacket, radio).
Yes, even in Summer you need a wetsuit for kitesurfing in Portugal (ideally 4/3).

In Portugal, it’s possible to kite:

– in the north of the country from Porto to the Spanish border.

Around Lisbon.

– In the south of the country in Algarve.

About kitespots in the north and around Lisbon, wind blows more or less all the year with still more windy days between April and November. What will determine the season is above all the water temperature, cause yes, in Portugal we wear a wetsuit for kitesurfing.

The best time for kitesurfing or learning kitesurf in Portugal is between April and November.

In Summer, you’ll have more chance to get windy days, you’ll do kitesurfing in a warmer water, but you’ll also meet more people on spots.

➡️ Best kitesurfing spots in Portugal

It’s possible to kite all year round in Portugal. The best time is between April and November (more windy days, warmer water).


We prefer, before any booking, being able to speak with you about your level, your expectations, etc. to be able to help you as well as possible and guarantee the best conditions for your learning.
Yes, either you’re fully refounded for hours you haven’t done, or hours are postponed, according to your choice.

All cancellations more than 15 days before the course, deposit (50 €) is refunded in totality. Less than 15 days before, deposit is not refunded (except in exceptional cases).

For more information : our booking conditions and cancellation


Discover all the activities, our best addresses, tips and things that cannot be missed in our article.

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Visit the castle, the Sainte Marie church, walk in the small flowered pedestrian streets, discover the white, blue and yellow houses. Óbidos is a charming village.

You cannot leave Óbidos without tasting the well-known Ginjinha. You will find this cherry liqueur everywhere in the village. Enjoy it in a small chocolate glass, a real delight!

📍 Adresses:

– Buy chocolates at Óbidos Chocolate House

– Taste Bombokas at the Fábrica das Bombokas

– Taste the traditional Pão com Chouriço (bread with chorizo) at Capinha

Events in Óbidos:

March / April: The International Chocolate Festival

July / August: The Medieval Festival, Mercado Medieval de Obidos.

To go to the Óbidos lagoon from Lisbon, the best option is to come in car (about 1½ -hour drive).

Rent a car.

If you don’t have car you can take the bus with the Rede Expressos company from Lisbon to Peniche (1½ hour-ride ) or Caldas da Rainha (1:10 hour-drive) then book a taxi transfer to come to the lagoon.

We also plan some car transfers from Peniche, Baleal and Ferrel for our students.

Yes, you need to have a car (about 20 minute-ride) or to use a taxi to come. There is no bus line.
Óbidos is 1h30 north of Lisbon.

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