Obidos lagoon wingfoil spot

The perfect wingfoiling spot in Portugal for beginners!


Located 1½ drive north from Lisbon, less than an hour from Nazaré, and 30 minutes from the famous surf spots of Peniche, Óbidos lagoon offers optimal conditions to learn wingfoiling and progress safely.

Flat waters – ideal for a successful learning experience! Learning to wingfoil in a lagoon is safe, easy and fast.

The best period for wingfoiling in the lagoon is from April to November (more windy days, less cool water). 

On the lagoon, there are 2 main spots for sailing. The spot closer to the ocean, known as the “top of the lagoon”, works well for kitesurfing but not for wingfoiling, as there isn’t enough water depth.

The wingfoil spot is further inland from the lagoon.

Features: flat water. Optimal navigation during days of Nortada (north-western wind). The wind is stronger than at the top of the lagoon (because of a venturi effect). Wetsuit needed (ideally 4/3). Owing to shells and seaweed on the spot we advise you to wear shoes.

Wing foil spot in portugal the lagoon of obidos
wingfoil school in obidos

Already an advanced rider and wave lover? Head for the Atlantic 

Along the bay from Baleal to Peniche (20 minutes drive from Óbidos lagoon), in southern or northern wind, you’ll find several waves spots.
Grab your gear for a memorable session in the surf country!

The area of Óbidos, Baleal, Peniche offers perfect conditions to learn and progress in wingfoil. With so many different spots to choose from, it’s hard not to find something that suits you! Whether you’re a beginner, a pro flat water or a pro wingfoiler, you’ll always find the right spot to have fun in Portugal.

A windless day during your stay? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do in this region! Surfing, SUP, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, yoga…