General terms and conditions

Required physical characteristics: weighing minimum 35kg, knowing how to swim and being perfectly comfortable in the water.

Registration: to confirm your registration, you have to:

• complete the information form,
• read the Passaro Kitesurf school general conditions carefully,
• provide a parental permission for people under 18,
• send a 50€ deposit (the booking will be official on receipt of the deposit).

Booking policy: a 50€ deposit is owed when you book for kitesurf lessons. The remaining balance is owed at the arrival before the start of the lesson. Concerning the equipment rental, no deposit is required, the sum is owed at the arrival, before the start of the rental.

Cancellation, delay and refund

Cancellation or delay on the part of the customer: cancellation more than 15 days before the course start date, the €50 deposit is refunded in full. Less than 15 days before, the deposit is not refunded (except in exceptional cases).

Any delay on the part of the customer does not constitute grounds for postponing or rescheduling a course. The full amount of the lesson booked is therefore due, even if it has not been completed in full due to a delay. If the lesson is delayed or interrupted at the student’s request, the lesson will not be extended, it will end at the scheduled time and all hours booked will be due.

Cancellation from our side: any lesson cancelled from our side because a bad weather conditions or other reasons will be postponed or fully refunded, according to the customer’s choice.

Dependent on the wind forecasts, we organize the final schedule the day before in order to get the latest weather update.
We can cancel a lesson if the conditions don’t enable its smooth running.

In case we cancel a lesson before the expected date, the deposit is fully refunded or the lesson is postponed. In case we have to stop the lesson earlier than the end time for bad weather conditions, hours that were missed will be postponed on the next lesson, or will be refund, according to the customer’s choice.

Equipment damage: the equipment is provided by the school. If during the lesson, some equipment is damaged, the repairs are at the expense of the school, except in case of voluntary failure to respect the safety regulations given by the instructor or any referent person from the school. In that case, a participation to the repair will be asked. Concerning the rental, the equipment is the entire responsibility of the customer.