Kitesurf spots Portugal : the 13 best spots

Kitesurf spots Portugal : the 13 best spots

Kitesurf spots Portugal : the 13 best spots 

Portugal offers a wide range of conditions for all types of kitesurfers and desire! From ultra flat to the best waves spots discover the best kitesurf spots in Portugal, from North to South by way of those around Lisbon.

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🌬️ Kitesurfing conditions in Portugal

Grab your wetsuit! 🤿

The water temperature varies between 17 and 21 degrees in Summer and can really fall down in Winter. Concerning the wind, it blows more or less all the year, with still more windy days throughout Summer.

Kitesurf spots in Portugal work essentially during days ofNortada‘, that is to say a North-western wind. But it’s also possible to ride when the wind comes from the South (the wind will be less steady and there will be more gusts).

Most of the time, the wind comes up in the middle of the day and increases throughout the afternoon. The wind can be strong as it can be light. Before planning your kite trip in Portugal, if possible, pay attention to the weather forecast 3 days before your departure (conditions may be uncertain).

The best moment to kitesurf in Portugal is throughout Summer. You’ll get milder conditions in terms of wind & water temperature.

⭐️ Portugal kitesurfing season

The best moment to kitesurf in Portugal is throughout Summer (April from October).

You’ll get milder conditions in terms of wind & water temperature.

Kitesurfing equipment hire on the Obidos lagoon in Portugal

📍 Kitesurf spots in northen Portugal

4 kitesurfing spots less than 1 hour from Porto.

Moledo: waves spot, close to the Spanish border. It’s the first kitespot in Northern Portugal, located 1 hour-drive from Porto.

• Viana do castello: Viana is the most famous kitesurf spot in Northern Portugal, even in Portugal. Located in the river mouth of rio, at Praia do Cabedelo this waves spot works all the year. There may be a reason why the well known brand Duotone opened a pro center there. This spot is located just over 1 hour from Porto.

Esposende: located only 45 minutes from Porto, the spot of Esposende is in a little lagoon. The spot offers flat water but is quite confined. From Ofir, you can go to the spot on foot but from Esposende, you’ll have to go by boat.

Murtosa : multipurpose spot located 1 hour-drive in the South of Porto, where it’s possible to ride at sea at Praia da Barra and in the lagoon of Ria d’Aveiro.

📍 Kitesurfing spots near Lisbon

6 kitesurfing spots less than 1h30 from Lisbon.

Óbidos lagoon: located 1½ from Lisbon and 20 minutes from Peniche. The lagoon of Óbidos is the biggest lagoon in Portugal and is suitable for any level. This spot works best with a north wind, with south wind it will be gusty.

The 2 main spots on the lagoon:

The top of the lagoon: located at the mouth of the ocean, its water is a real mirror and the wind is constant. This spot is perfect for beginners, ultra flat lovers and to train for tricks. If you’re a wave lover, you can get out of the lagoon and have fun in the ocean. This spot doesn’t work at low tide and for foil (water is too shallow).

Only thing, this spot is closed to kitesurfers throughout Summer (from June 15 to September 15). But if you are in Óbidos during Summer, you can still kite in the lagoon, thanks to a second spot, open to kitesurfers all the year.

Inside the lagoon: here the wind is generally stronger than at the top of the lagoon, because of a Venturi effect. Be careful of sea urchins, don’t forget to take water shoes or be attentive when you get in the water. This spot works for foil.

 Baleal – Peniche: along the coast, you can find several waves spots, according to the wind direction, meant for experienced riders. The spots of the bay between Baleal and Peniche work when the wind comes from the North and the South.

Be careful about surfers on water, these spots are known for their exceptional waves.

 Guincho: Guincho is a well known spot in Portugal for surfers as well as kitesurfers. Located 30 minutes in the North of Lisbon, this waves spot is meant for the most advanced riders. Conditions can be harsh and big swells can pound. Be careful about the rocks in the middle of the bay.

 Costa Caparica: the spot of Fonta da Telha located on the costa Caparica, is the closest spot to Lisbon (30 minutes) and is open to any level. The wind is a bit lighter than in the North. The spot, out at sea, suits for beginners and advanced kitesurfers. The costa is very popular during Summer among vacationers from Portugal and elsewhere.

 The lagoon of Albufeira: located just 1 hour from Lisbon, it is an ideal spot for beginners with its flat water. It is more complicated for kitesurfing throughout Summer because of the lack of water. At low tide the spot can also hardly work, however the East part of the lagoon (next to the Meira Pro Center school) is quite deep.

📍 Kite spots in southern Portugal (Algarve)

Our 3 favorite kitesurfing spots in the Algarve.

 Ria de Alvor : located in Algarve, Ria de Alvor is a lagoon, near Lagos, the water is flat and shallow, ideal for beginners and for kitesurfers who want to learn new tricks. 

 Fuseta : 30 minutes from Faro, you’ll find the spot of Fuseta (less busy than the Ria Alvor). Fuseta is our favorite spot in Algarve. At Fuseta you can kite in the lagoon (only works at high tide) & you can also cross the sand band and kite in the ocean side (also flat 👌🏻).
The best time to kite at Fuseta is during the summer, as this spot operates with a thermal wind. The best wind direction is south-west, consistent wind conditions. This spot is suitable for all levels and the must at Fuseta is to be able to kite easily with only a lycra.

• Cabanas de Tavira : located 30 minutes from Faro too, in Tavira you can kite in  Ria Formosa lagoon in winter (only works at high tide) and then at Ilha de Cabanas  all year long. Ilha de Cabanas is accessible by a short boat ride from the village of Cabanas de Tavira, the island offers excellent kitesurfing conditions with consistent wind. The spot is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

🗺️ Kitesurf spots Portugal map

As you’ll have realized, Portugal is the perfect country for kitesurf! You’ll always find the best spot for you according to your level and preferences.

If you need some tips and information to plan your next kite trip in Portugal, send us a message, we’ll be pleased to help you!

And if you go through the region of Óbidos / Baleal, discover our best addresses and activities! And come to say hello ☺️

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