Kitesurfer passing through Portugal ?

Come and ride with brand new gear in the lagoon of Óbidos.

Travel light and try the new kites and boards F-one! 

- Our gear -

Kite – Bar – Board – Leash : F-One 2023
Harness, wetsuit : Mystic 2023

- Rental options -

Full equipment

80 From
  • 3h : 80 €
  • All day: 100 €

Board only

25 From
  • 3h : 25 €
  • All day: 40 €

Kite only

60 From
  • 3h : 60 €
  • All day: 80 €

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any other request.

Rental terms and conditions

To be able to rent equipment you must be an independent kitesurfer, which means you can:

• launch, land your kite and do a self rescue,
• ride upwind in both directions,
• understand the rules for navigation and international signs,
• control your riding speed.

All equipment rented, during the rental period is under your own responsibility. By renting, you agree to properly use and care the equipment. Passaro cannot be held responsible for damage caused to the equipment, to yourself, or to third parties, during the entire rental period.

The costs incurred will then be chargeable to you. The rental period starts when you pick the equipment up and stops when the equipment is returned to Passaro. Breaks are included in this rental period.