Hi, It’s Lea and Marco

– Together on the water & at work –
ecole de kitesurf au portugal notre équipe

Passionate about outdoor activities, we fell in love of kitesurf, Portugal and Baleal area. (No less !)

Surpassing yourself, perseverance, sailing between sky & sea, kitesurfing fills you with a crazy feeling of freedom. Since we want everybody to be able to experiment these feelings, we have decided to put our lives on the road of kitesurf and pass on our passion to you.

We arrived in Portugal, in the area of Baleal in 2022. The magic happened and this region where you live according to the rhythm of nature completely changed us. Kitesurf, surf, breathtaking sunsets, the vibes… It’s been a case of love at first sight.

After a 3-month journey in Brazil, it was impossible to get rid of it, we knew we wanted to set up home there.

It appeared obvious to us to decide to combine our favorites and create Passaro in Portugal.