Kitesurf Obidos: Portugal's top kitesurfing spot

Kitesurf Obidos: Portugal’s top kitesurfing spot

Kitesurf Obidos: this kitesurfing spot in Portugal, the Obidos lagoon, located 1 hour north of Lisbon, a short hour from Nazaré, and 30 minutes from famous surf spots of Peniche, Óbidos lagoon offers ideal conditions to learn kitesurfing and progress in complete safety 😌

Flat and shallow water, the perfect cocktail to start and learn new tricks. 🤙🏻

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🌬 When to kite on the lagoon of Óbidos?

The best time to kite on the lagoon is at the beginning of April to November.

 The wind blows more or less all year round, with however more days with wind during the summer period.

To kite on the lagoon you will need a 4/3 wetsuit or 3/2 (only in summer) preferably, the water temperature can be low in winter. It is for these 2 main reasons that the best time to kite on the lagoon is at the beginning of April to November (more days with wind, less cold water). 

However, before coming to kite on the lagoon, check the forecast to make sure that kiteboarding is possible that day.

The 2 main kite spots in Obidos lagoon

On the lagoon, you will find 2 main spots: The top of the lagoon, (closest to the ocean) and inside the lagoon.

Concerning the Top du Lagon 🏖: this sandy spot is an ultra flat spot with very shallow water. His direct opening on the ocean brings a constant wind.

📍GPS Point

Please note: the spot is closed to kiters from June 15 to September 15 and doesn’t work at low tide & for the foil (because of the too shallow water). 

Inside the lagoon is open to navigation all year round and works for the foil. 

Inside the lagoon: on this spot, the wind is generally stronger than the top spot due to a Venturi effect. This spot is not a sand spot, there is the presence of shells, seaweed and sea urchins, bring shoes to protect your feet or be careful when entering the water.

📍GPS Point 

Passaro Kitesurf School is a kiteschool in Portugal on the Obidos lagoon, with Passaro you can :

Bonus: kitesurfing spot for wave lovers 😎

Wave lover ? See you on the Atlantic side 🌊

Along Baleal Bay to Peniche (20 min drive from Óbidos Lagoon), south or north wind, you will find several wave spots. To your strapless for a memorable session in the land of surfing! 🏄🏻‍♂️

🚏How to get to Obidos lagoon?

Option 1: come by car. The car is the easiest means of transport for access to the spot. If you do not have a car, you can lease one.

• Option 2: take the bus to Peniche (1h30 by bus) or Caldas da Rainha (1h10 by bus), with the company Rede expressos from Lisbon (📍 Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado – Rua das Laranjeiras 1500-543 Lisboa.) then book a taxi to arrive at the lagoon.

📝 What you need to know for your kitetrip to Portugal

The Óbidos lagoon is in a place where nature is still very much preserved. Besides kitesurfing, you can enjoy mountain biking, SUP, kayaking and exploring wildlife and the flora surrounding the lagoon. 🦩

However if you plan to stay several days we strongly advise you to rent a car 🚙 because around the lagoon you will only find 2/3 restaurants, there there is no nightlife here or small shops etc. If you want to go out at night, go have a drink… everything happens in Baleal! (20 minutes by car).

As you will have understood, this spot is ultra versatile and suitable for beginners as well as the confirmed. After your session, head to Baleal to sip a Caipi while admiring the sunset. If you plan to come and spend a few days in our beautiful region find all our advice, activities and addresses on the region of Peniche and Óbidos & come say hi to us on the spot. 👋🏻

📍More kitesurfing spots in Portugal

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🗺️ Kitesurf spots Portugal map

See you soon on the spot of kitesurf Obidos, 
Léa & Marco ✌🏻