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How kitesurfing works?

You’ve certainly already seen this ballet of kites on the sea. These kites making round trips, led by kitesurfers. But then what is kitesurfing concretely, and how does it work? 🤔

Kitesurfing is performed on water thanks to the wind speed. This sport can at first sight impress, it is yet an easily accessible sport.

Stay with us, we tell you everything about kitesurfing! 🤙🏼🙂

🌬 🌊  A sport that is up to natural elements

 The kite, tied to a harness, allows you to move, towed thanks to the wind force.

• The board, once you’ve put it on your feet, it allows you to slide on water.

For kitesurfing, you need these two natural elements: wind and water to be reunited.

💪🏻  Physical conditions for kitesurfing

For all those who wonder; am I able to go kitesurfing? Most of the time the answer is yes! Kitesurf is an easily accessible sport that isn’t only made for young people and those who have an incredible physical condition.

Kitesurfing is a sport that is open to everyone! There’s no age limit and it’s never too late to learn. You can tell by the fact that in Brazil we’ve met Christian, 75 years old who was realising his lifelong dream: learning kitesurf. So if Christian manages to fly a kite and get on a board, you can do it! 

The only prerequisite is to know how to swim. 🏊🏼‍♀️

The kite is tied to a harness that you have around your waist, it divides the power produced by the traction of the wind in all your body. Kitesurfing will especially train your legs and stomach muscles, and not your arms. The piloting requires a lot of gentleness and delicacy.

Kitesurfing is not a very physical sport, it can be if you want to jump in every direction, otherwise anybody can ride. 😌

🍃  Kitesurf sensations

Sailing between sky & sea, kitesurfing gives you crazy freedom feelings!

No need to have ski lifts or to be towed by a boat. When the wind comes up, you go in the water and the ocean or the sea becomes your playing field, can you imagine!

🧐  How do you learn Kitesurf?

Kitesurfing doesn’t require an extraordinary physical condition, but you need to learn a particular technique. That’s why it’s essential to learn kitesurf with professionals in order to develop the technique safely and quickly. 👌🏻

Generally, one week is needed to learn kitesurfing. Once you’re able to take your first rides, you’ll perfect your skills on water session by session.

We advise you to take a whole week to learn and avoid, if you can, coming 1 day here, 2 days there. In that case, your progression and learning will be longer.

📍 Where do you learn Kitesurf?

You can learn kitesurf in different places around the world, the only needed conditions are: wind & water.

You can learn out at sea or in lagoons. We advise you if it’s possible, to learn in a lagoon. You don’t have to care about waves, you’re in your depth. Learning kitesurf in a lagoon offers ideal conditions to progress quickly and safely. 🙂

🪁 Kitesurf gear

Concerning the equipment to ride, you will need:

• a kite: there are several types and sizes of kites. To know what to choose, it will mostly depend on your build and on the wind force. The stronger the wind is, the smaller the kitesurfing kite you need will be.
• A bar: the bar is connected to the kite and to your harness, it allows you to pilot your kite.
• A harness: around your waist, the harness links you to your kite.
• A leash, the leash is the way to stay connected to your kite in case of a problem. It creates an additional link between the harness and the kite.
• A board.
• A pump to be able to blow up your kite.

As you’ll have realized, kitesurf is an accessible sport that you can learn quickly and that provides feelings beyond compare.

Still not convinced? Don’t hesitate to send us a message if some doubts or questions remain, we will answer with pleasure ☺️

Convinced? Book your kitesurf camp in Portugal, to learn in perfect conditions. 🤙🏼

See you on water,
Léa & Marco ✌🏻