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how to start kitesurfing

Do I have to be very athletic to start kitesurf? The answer is no!

Contrary to what you may think, kitesurf is not a very physical activity that requires an extraordinary condition. Kitesurf is an easily accessible sport. The only prerequisite is to know how to swim. board sports can help you to learn but it’s not a requirement.

There is no age limit to learn kitesurfing, so it’s never too late to learn.

Fun fact: in Brazil we’ve met Christian, 75 years old who was realising his lifelong dream: learning kitesurf. So if Christian manages to fly a kite and get on a board; you can do it!

How do the lessons take place?

The lessons that are described below are an overview of your learning. Everybody evolves differently, some people may be more comfortable than others. No pressure, we’re moving together safely towards our goal: riding!

Kitesurf lesson 1 : Hello kite

You’ll already have a kite in your hands! In the process of learn kitesurfing, your first lesson will be theoretical and practical.

First of all, we’ll check together the equipment and how set up it, the vocabulary and the safety regulations before you make your first flight on the spot.

In a second phase, you’ll start to get familiar with the kite. You will learn how to fly the kite in the water step by step by keeping learning the required vocabulary.

Kitesurf lesson 2 : Let’s go to the water!

Once you’re comfortable with flying the kite, you’ll be able to get into body dragging. Body dragging will allow you to understand the power the kite produces and slide on the water. We’ll see the benefits of this technique and why it is so important!

Kitesurf lesson 3 : Ready, steady, go!

During this lesson we will begin the waterstarts (in other words, your first starts). You’ll have to control the kite and the board that allows you to ride. You’ll see the different techniques of the waterstart in order to get your first riding feelings!

Kitesurf lesson 4 : It’s time to ride

This lesson will allow you to make waterstarts on each side and ride over a longer and longer distance. During this lesson you’ll familiarize yourself with your body position, your balance on the board and the power during your sailing!

Kitesurf lesson 5 : Have a good trip!

This lesson must allow you to be autonomous. You’ll try to ride on each side by always staying on the same line, respecting the priority and the safety regulations.

learning to jump in kitesurf

This was a brief overview of how our kitesurfing courses work, so that you can learn to kitesurf safely and become independent.

We give our courses in the lagoon of Óbidos in Portugal, the perfect spot to start kitesurfing safely and progress quickly (shallow & flat spot).


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See you soon to learn kitesurfing in Portugal! 🤙🏼