– Your fully personalized advanced kitesurfing coaching to boost your kitesurf skills –

Are you already an independent kitesurfer and looking to improve your skills? Jump transition, backroll, hand drag, strapless…

We offer you a kitesurfing improvement program in Portugal, completely personalized to your needs.

1.You choose what you want to practice and how many lessons you want

2. You choose your spot

Option 1: Obidos Lagoon – flat and shallow water
Option 2: Baleal – wave spot

If you take more than 1 class you can test the 2 spots.

3. We do video analysis, which will allow you to see yourself kiting and visualize exactly what you need to improve

4. You’ll leave with a personalized file containing tips, advice and photos… To keep progressing!

Coaching+ lessons

Our improvement training
70 A partir de
  • 1 hour: 70€
  • 2h: 140€
  • 6h: 410€
  • 9h: 600€