Kitesurfing spots Europe: 5 perfect spots to learn

5 kitesurfing spots in Europe perfect to learn

Kitesurfing Europe: we detail 5 easy spots to learn kitesurfing in and around Europe, follow the guide ⤵️

Europe is full of ideal destinations for learning to kitesurf. Finding the right place to learn to kite can make all the difference to your learning experience. In this article, we explain our 5 best kitesurfing spots for beginners, not far from where you live (3 in Europe and 2 nearby).

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Where is the best place to learn to kitesurf?

The perfect conditions, as beginners, to learn kitesurfing are: a constant wind, flat & shallow water.

Lagoons are therefore the ideal spots to learn kitesurfing, as they bring together a good number of good conditions.

Our recommendations are therefore based on 5 flat water spots in and around Europe.

1. The lagoon of Obidos, Portugal 🇵🇹​

Located 1h30 north of Lisbon in Portugal, the Óbidos lagoon offers ideal conditions for starting your kitesurfing adventure.

A lagoon means safety! The Óbidos lagoon is the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing in Europe. The shallow and flat waters of the lagoon offer a reassuring and safe environment for beginners. The wind is renowned for being constant and not too strong (on Nortada days, a northerly wind), making this lagoon a must-visit kitesurfing spot in Europe for beginners.

We detail the Óbidos lagoon kitesurfing spot in more depth in this article.

Best season for kitesurfing in Obidos: April to October.

Kitesurfing & wingfoiling school on the Óbidos lagoon: Passaro Kitesurf

2. Leucate, France 🇫🇷

Located on the French Mediterranean coast, Leucate is one of Europe’s leading kitesurfing spots. Benefiting from steady winds and mild weather conditions, Leucate is a favorite spot for kitesurfers of all levels.

Leucate is one of the best kitesurfing spots for beginners in France.

With its ponds, year-round wind and calm waters, Leucate is an ideal spot for beginners.

In Leucate, you can also alternate between kitesurfing lessons at sea. Not all ponds are accessible, but you can find out more from a local school. With its friendly atmosphere and beautiful setting, Leucate is a must-see destination for kitesurfing in Europe.

➜ Best season for kitesurfing in Leucate: April to October

Kiteschool in Leucate: Kiteschool Leucate

3. Lo Stagnone, Italie 🇮🇹

We’re continuing our tour of kitesurfing spots in Europe that are perfect for beginners: we’re heading for Italy!

Located in Sicily, near the town of Marsala, the Lo Stagnone lagoon is another perfect spot for learning to kitesurf in flat water.

The moderate wind offers optimal conditions for progress.

➜ Best season for kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone: May to September.

Kitesurfing school in Lo Stagnone: Kitelab

4. Dakhla, Morocco 🇲🇦

Situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Moroccan town of Dakhla is a popular destination for kitesurfers. Dakhla is a mythical kitesurfing spot which, yes, isn’t in Europe but… in Africa. 😅

We’re making a small exception because this spot is really worth the detour.

Dakhla is famous for its vast shallow lagoons and constant winds, making it an ideal place to learn and practice kitesurfing.

Nestled between the dunes and the desert, Dakhla is a spot that operates almost all year round.

Local kitesurfing schools offer courses to suit all levels, and the region also offers the chance to discover Moroccan culture and its unique desert landscapes.

➜ Best season for kiteboarding in Dakhla: March to October.

Dakhla kitesurfing school: Waves n wind

the best spots to learn to kitesurfing

5. Red Sea, Egypt 🇪🇬

Our latest perfect spot for learning to kitesurf is the Red Sea in Egypt.

The calm, enclosed waters of Egypt’s Red Sea make it a popular destination for kitesurfing beginners. The spots along the coast offer ideal conditions for learning the sport, with constant north winds and pleasant temperatures all year round.

The best-known spots are located on the west coast of the Red Sea: Safaga, El Gouna and Soma Bay..

➜ Best season for kitesurfing in Egypt (Red Sea): April to October.

Kitesurfing school in Egypt: Kite Elgouna

This was a roundup of our top 5 best spots for learning to kitesurf in and around Europe.

To recap, the best conditions to help you learn to kitesurf are: constant wind, flat water (no waves) and shallow water.

See you soon on the water,
Léa & Marco ✌🏻