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Wingfoil: 5 good reasons to learn wingfoiling

Why learn wingfoiling? Wingfoil is a recent but fast-growing discipline. It combines elements of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.

This water sport uses a wing and a board fitted with a foil. Wingfoiling lets you glide (and fly) over the water, jump, and even ride the waves. It’s a sport that offers unique sensations and great versatility. If you’re looking for a new activity to try, you’ve come to the right place!

We give you 5 good reasons to learn wingfoiling!

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1. Wingfoil is accessible and can be learned quickly

One of the main reasons to learn wingfoil is its relative ease of learning.

Unlike other board sports, wingfoil does not require advanced navigation or wing handling skills. Beginners can quickly master the basics, thanks to the simplicity of the equipment and the intuitiveness of wing handling.

In just a few sessions, many are already able to stand up on the board and glide across the water.

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2. Wingfoil can be practised in a wide variety of conditions

Wingfoil can be practiced in a wide variety of conditions, whether on flat water, lakes or even in waves.

This versatility gives access to more days and more sailing opportunities, allowing you to go out in conditions less ideal for other sports, such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Wingfoils are particularly appreciated by glide enthusiasts for their ability to adapt to changing conditions.

In light winds, the foil lets you keep on sailing, while in stronger winds, the wing keeps you stable and in control. The ability to ride waves with great freedom of movement adds an extra dimension for thrill-seekers.

➜ In short, wingfoil is an extremely versatile sport that offers many possibilities.

3. Wingfoil is accessible to all levels

Wingfoil can be practised by people of all levels, from beginners to experts.

For beginners, there are specialized schools and instructors who offer specially adapted courses, making learning safe and progressive. The equipment is designed to be modular and adaptable to all levels, with wings and boards of different sizes to adjust the difficulty according to skill level, so that you can continue to progress in wingfoil.

Beginners can start with smaller wings and wider boards for greater stability, while more advanced wingfoilers will start with more powerful equipment for technical maneuvers and jumps.

Progress is motivating. Each new step opens the door to new sensations and new challenges. Experienced wingfoilers will also find plenty to do with advanced technical challenges.

You’ll never get bored with this sport – there’s always room for continuous improvement.

4. New gliding sensations: wingfoil lets you fly on water

Wingfoiling is the ultimate gliding sensation! Thanks to foil technology, you can literally fly above the water.

This experience of lightness and speed gives you an incomparable sense of freedom. Fluid, silent movement over the waves creates a sensation of weightlessness.

For those seeking new and intense emotions, wingfoil is an inexhaustible source of pleasure and adrenalin. The sensation of gliding over water is an experience that sets it apart from other board sports.

5. Learn wingfoiling is easy and safe

Learn wingfoiling is easy and safe. Compared with other board sports such as kitesurfing, wingfoil presents fewer risks, as it doesn’t require long kite lines or harnesses. The wing is held directly in the hand, enabling immediate and intuitive control. In the event of a fall, it’s easy to release the wing and get up again safely.

Progress can be made in shallow water, adding an extra layer of safety for beginners. Instructors ensure that students learn the right techniques from the outset, reducing the risk of injury.

The equipment is also designed to be safe and easy to use, with inflatable wings and stable boards. This safe, progressive approach means that everyone can learn and progress in wingfoil with confidence.

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Wingfoil is THE water sport of tomorrow. It’s highly accessible, versatile, adaptable to all levels of ability, provides a thrilling ride, and is easy and safe to learn. Whether you’re a novice looking for a new activity or a board sports enthusiast in search of new sensations, wingfoil is the sport for you.

If you’d like to learn wingfoiling, we offer wingfoil courses in Portugal on the Obidos lagoon (1h from Lisbon). Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your next adventure! 🤙🏼

See you soon on the water,
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