Kitesurf right of way: 8 rules you need to know

Kitesurf right of way

As in all sporting disciplines, kitesurf right of way apply and in kitesurfing we talk more about the rule of priority. When you’re out on the water, you’re never alone. In order to respect others and the spot, rules have been established for all kitesurfers and apply throughout the world 🌍

Table of contents

Kitesurf right of way n°1: The golden rule in kitesurfing!🤴

AVOID COLISIONS: even if it sounds a bit silly, the golden rule is to avoid others on the spot. To avoid collisions, you’ll need to learn navigation priorities. As with the highway code, there are priorities in kitesurfing. If you’re just starting out, this article may be of interest to you as a way of avoiding and spotting dangers on the spot. Every kitesurfer must respect this code to guarantee and facilitate navigation ✌🏼.

Before discussing the rules of priority, it’s important to know the terms starboard and port navigation ⛵️. When the kite is in the right-hand window, we say that the kiteboarder is moving to starboard. When the kite is in the left-hand window, the kiteboarder is said to be moving to port.

Kitesurf right of way n°2: Kitesurfers upwind, kitesurfers downwind 💨

When kitesurfing upwind, keep your kite up. A downwind kiteboarder must pass with his kite down.

Kitesurf right of way n°3: Priority to the right 👉

When two kiteboarders cross each other on the same trajectory, the starboard kiteboarder has priority. He must maintain his course and position his kite high. The port kiteboarder must change course by passing downwind with his low kite.

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Kitesurf right of way n°4: One kitesurfer on land 🏝 and the other in the water 🌊

The kiteboarder on land always has priority over kiteboarders in the water. If someone enters the water, other riders must give them priority.

priority rules kitesurf

Kitesurf right of way n°5: heading in the same direction ⛔️

The faster kiteboarder must avoid the slower one. The kiteboarder behind has better visibility, so if he is going faster he must give way to the kiteboarder in front.

what's the priority in kitesurf

Kitesurf right of way n°6: Kitesurfer on the wave 🌊

The rider on the wave has priority over the users around him. The kitesurfer on the wave has less room to manoeuvre.

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Kitesurf right of way n°7: Other users of the spot 🏖

Kitesurfers must give way to all other users of the spot (sailboats, SUPs, swimmers, etc.) and must move downwind.
Kitesurfers have priority over motorboats (except cargo boats, which are less manoeuvrable) and jet skis.

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Kitesurf right of way n°8: Jumps 🪂

Before making any jumps, as the rider is moving downwind during a jump, he must ensure that he has a zone of 50m downwind and 30m upwind.

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If you still have doubts about kitesurf right of way and would like to improve your skills, don’t hesitate to contact us to take part in our Coaching + programme. 💪

See you on the water,
Léa & Marco ✌🏻