Progress in kitesurfing

Progress in kitesurfing: 5 tips to boost your progress

As with all sports, you need to practise if you want to progress! Once you become independent in kitesurfing, most of the time you want to learn how to jump and do tricks straight away. To get there, you’ll need several sessions (or lots of sessions) before you can do jumps properly or pass tricks.

So here are 5 tips to help you keep progressing quickly.

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Tip 1: Kite regularly

If you want to progress quickly in kitesurfing, our first piece of advice is to do it regularly.

Kitesurfing becomes very addictive once you become independent. As soon as you see a bit of wind during your weekend or your holidays, go for a good session to work on your upwind riding, your tack changes and your jumps (depending on your level).

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Tip 2: Ride in different spots

Don’t hesitate to change spots to continue your progress.

Don’t just stay at your original spot (or the one nearest you) and wait for the wind. Chase the wind to discover new spots.

Go and test yourself on wave, choppy or flat spots… with a different wind to usual. You’ll have to change kite size and get used to different situations, which will only consolidate what you’ve learnt and teach you new things. Knowing how to ride in all kinds of conditions is essential to progress in kitesurfing.

Every spot works differently. Find out how the spot you’ve chosen works from the local kitesurfers – they’re the best source of information!

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Tip 3: Be part of a kite community

Joining an association, a club or kitesurfing with your mates will help you progress more quickly.

Sharing sessions with a group of friends means you’ll be more motivated (to go out sailing, even if you’re a bit lazy at times 😜 ), so go along with tip No. 1, because you’ll be kiting more often and so you’ll be boosting your progress!

Joining a group of kiteboarders also means you can challenge yourself, get advice and learn from kiteboarders who are more experienced than you are. It’s all a bonus!

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Tip 4: Try different boards

Once you’re confident enough on a twintip, or if you already are, try switching to a strapless, then a foil.

Strapless can help you get a better position on your board. Try different tacks. We advise you to start on flat water.

Once you’ve mastered kitesurfing, you can try the foil, a different medium for different sensations.

Progress in kitesurfing

Tip 5: Do sessions with objectives

If you want to progress in kiteboarding even faster, our last piece of advice is to set yourself goals before each session.

Watch a tutorial beforehand and try it out during your session. You can work on several tricks in the same session. If someone can also film you, seeing you kite will help you spot your mistakes and correct them more quickly.

We recommend downloading the Duotone Academy application. It explains all the tricks very well and will help you achieve your goals.

learn how to jump kitesurf

In this article, we detail 6 basic tricks with the key points and videos on how to do them.

And if you still need to practise or want to keep progressing in kitesurfing, don’t hesitate to take advanced lessons with a professional.

Good progress 🚀

Léa & Marco 🤙🏼