Kitesurf Brazil: the best spots & tips 2024

Kitesurf Brazil: spots & tips for an amazing kitetrip

Brazilian kitesurfing trip 🇧🇷, discover our tips, the best spots, our good addresses… for a memorable kitetrip!

Who has never heard about kitesurf in Brazil? Brazil is the top destination for all the kitesurfers. The water temperature is 30 degrees, there is wind, a lot of wind, constant wind and this everyday from July to December. Yes! That’s a kitesurf paradise! 😎

So, take your most beautiful swimsuits, we’re taking you with us! ☀️🌴

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🌴 Brazil kitesurfing season

The best time to kite in Brazil is from September to the end of December.

The kitesurfing season in Brazil is from July to mid-January. Windiest months are October, November and December.

🗺️ Where to kite in Brazil and for how long?

There are many kitesurf spots in Brazil. Spots are located in the Nordeste region of the country and the closest airport is Fortaleza’s. If you cross the Atlantic Ocean, we advise you to leave for at least two weeks in order to take full advantage of your trip. In 2 weeks it’s  possible to ride on several spots, but given the long road distances in Brazil, you’ll have to choose between a kitetrip in the south of Forta or a kitetrip in the north of Forta. So as to spend more time on water than on the road ☺️

Please note: in Brazil you can stay for a maximum of 3 months without any visa.

Leaving for this destination you have the luxury of choosing the kind of wind and the kind of place you prefer to kite. In Brazil, you’re sure to find what you want!

According to the chosen spot, the wind speed will be different. Generally, the kites that are used are between 7m2 and 12m2  except in Préa (north of Fortaleza) and Galinhos (south of Fortaleza). On these spots, wind blows really hard. Better opt for kites from 5m2 to 8m2. Concerning gear, it’s better to bring your own equipment. There are few renting possibilities in Brazil, and if you rent anything it can cost a lot.

🚗 Transportation, car or not?

To move in Brazil you have several options. You can rent a car, move (for long distances) on a bus or with a private transfer.

If you want to move from spot to spot, we advise you to rent a car.

You can find some rentals at Localiza at your arrival (📍office at the airport or in the city center). It costs about 550 euros a month with this agency.

However if you prefer staying on the same spot, the most economical option for you is to opt for an airport / dwelling transfer via an agency. You can ask the people at the place you’re staying to organize the transfer for you (very common).

Please note: roads in Brazil may be difficult. Try not to drive at night. You can meet a lot of wholes on the road, huge speed bumps and wild animals.

💸 Currency & cost of living in Brazil

The local currency is the Brazilian Réal you can check the exchange rate before leaving. There are lots of places in Brazil without ATM, anticipate and get some money out when you arrive at the airport. Nonetheless you won’t necessarily need a lot of cash, here you can pay by card almost everywhere.

Tip: the foreign exchange counters take a lot of taxes, we advise you to get your money out directly from an ATM and to check the way your card works abroad with your bank.

The cost of living is quite high in Brazil compared to their neighbors of Latin America. Count at least on 25€ a night for a basic pousada, 50€ for a more sophisticated pousada and from 70€ to far more than 100€ for a hotel with pool and breakfast.

kitesurf spot in brazil, patos, flat water

📍 Kitesurf Brazil: kite spots

We’ve only rided on the spots in the North of Forta during 2½ months. We didn’t try the places in the South of Fortaleza so we’re going to focus on the northern spots. Here is our feedback ☺️

Icarai de Amontada (2½ hour-drive from Fortaleza): Icarai is a small and very lively fishing village, known for its French community. The spot is considered a waves spot. At low tide the spot can be a bit flatter.

Near Icarai, there’s the ultra flat spot of Patos. (Second Spot in Patos: fresh water lagoon) You’ll have to take a buggy or a boat to go to the spot from Moitas. You can also sail in Caetanos, very small fishing village. Go there for a whole day, it is very likely that you’ll be alone on the spot. And enjoy a tasty grilled fish by the beach in one of the typically Brazilian restaurants. To go to Caetanos you have 2 options, either with a buggy by the beach, or by the road if you’ve rented a car.

Our favorites ❤️: 

To get some kitesurfing lessons: contact Clément from Chill Kite on our behalf WhatsApp +55 (88) 981236037 Clément & Andréa also have a beautiful pousada to welcome you.

About restaurants: 

Cabana do kite: located in front of the spot, Cabana do kite is the place to be to chill during the day, sip a fresh juice and enjoy tasty organic dishes between 2 kitesurfing sessions.
Aroma: to have dinner in a zen atmosphere with very good dishes. Remember to book your table.
Pais Tropical: this restaurant suggests veggie and vegan options, that’s a pure delight! 
Conexao Bahia: located on the beach of Moitas, this restaurant will give you real pleasure for a lunch with your feet in the water.

Ilha do Guajiru (1hour from Icarai): Ilha do Guajiru is a spot for flat lovers. However the spot only works at high tide. You still have the possibility to venture out at sea, or to go to the lower part of the lagoon, where water stays even at low tide. 

Our favorites ❤️:

DoMar Brasildelicious poke bowls (but not only) for a lunch break before or after your session.

best kite spots in brazil

PréaJericocoara (1h15 from Ilha do Guajiru): Strong wind fan? Préa is the place to be! Known for its strong wind, this spot is made for advanced riders. Préa is a nice little village where you can find very cheap restaurants if you get out of the main street, parallel to the beach. And let’s not forget Jericocoara. Jeri is a well-known village in Brazil for its night life, that is in the middle of sand dunes. To go there you’ll have to use a 4×4 or a buggy. Careful, kitesurfing is impossible in Jeri, but you can still do some Wing.

Our favorites ❤️:

Tropical Mavi: only open in the evening, delicious juice, burgers and poke bowls
LanoRafa Pizzabar: unbeatable value for pizzas and burgers.
Café Jeri: for a sunset with a dj set & a caipi on a huge rooftop.

Macapa (2h30 from Prea): Macapa beach is located in the very small village of Ponta do Anel, still little known. This spot can offer all the conditions: waves, flat…

See where the wind takes you for a day in the Delta de Parnaiba. Discovery of the flora & fauna (monkeys, crocodiles, the famous scarlet ibis for the sunset etc.), kitesurfing is possible (far from crocodiles don’t worry 🤪).

Nos coup de ❤️ :

• Kiterinha: pousada held by Belen & Micka. Don’t miss the Empanadas party organized every Tuesday, enjoyable atmosphere guaranteed!
• 35 Knots Brazil: pousada & restaurant. We’ve loved having dinner there. The restaurant isn’t open everyday (from Wednesday to Sunday last we noticed).

From Macapa, if you leave for Atins, you can go to the ultra flat spot of Arpoador (2½ hour-drive).

Atins (3½ hour-drive & 1 hour by boat from Macapa): Atins is a village surrounded by dunes. To go there, you have to take a boat or a 4×4 from Barreirinhas. Careful, some agencies may ask you for exorbitant prices for a transfer. Here is the contact for a boat transfer for a really affordable price (140 R$ round trip per person in 2022).

Lencois AdventureWhatsApp +55 (98) 99171 3998 – They organize Barreirinhas / Atins transfers at 4pm and from Atins to Barreirinhas at 9am everyday. (Make sure before leaving for Atins that the hours are still correct, and book your transfer before your departure (even the day before) – With this agency you have the possibility to park your hire car in a safe place (surcharge of 20 R$ a day in 2022)

The wind on this spot is lighter than on the ones aforementioned. However, you’re at the verge of the famous Lençois that offer an incredible landscape. In Atins kitesurfing is possible in front of the beach & and in the ponds of the Lençois. Please note, the best moment for kitesurfing in the Lençois is in August/September. After that the ponds run down little by little. To go to the Lençois you have to book a trip with an agency by 4×4 or quad bike.

Our favorites ❤️:

Barcoatins: located in front of the spot, Barco is an excellent place to have lunch. It sometimes opens in the evening for a single menu, food and price-quality ratio are crazy!

It was a brief overview of our experience in Brazil. We hope this article can already help you to prepare your Brazilian Kitetrip. But if you need more information, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message, we’ll answer with pleasure. 

Our kitesurfing school is based in the Óbidos region of Portugal. If you’re in the area, drop in and say hello. 👋🏻

See you soon on Brazil’s kitesurf spots,
Léa & Marco ✌🏻