the best sites for wind forecasts

How to read wind forecast?

Wanna to go on a kitetrip or just ride the spot near you, but you don’t really know how to interpret the wind forecast? 🧐 In this article, we explain how to read wind forecasts to avoid arriving at the spot with no kites around you 🤪 It’s very important to learn how to read …

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kitesurf how start

How kitesurfing works?

You’ve certainly already seen this ballet of kites on the sea. These kites making round trips, led by kitesurfers. But then what is kitesurfing concretely, and how does it work? 🤔 Kitesurfing is performed on water thanks to the wind speed. This sport can at first sight impress, it is yet an easily accessible sport. …

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Best kitesurf spots near Lisbon

Kitesurf spots near Lisbon

Lisbon is the preferred destination for people who want to get closer to the ocean while keeping the advantages the urban life can bring. 🌊🌼 So if you’re a boardsports lover 🏄🏻‍♂️, if you’re a new Lisboèta, a kitesurfer passing through the capital city or if you’ve set up home for a while in Lisbon …

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